September 5, 2011

New season new wishes

These are certainly crucial days for shopping: the beginning of a new season, especially this one, always means new trends, new inspirations, new colors, new shapes and so on...
You probably may have already seen several fall shopping guides, trend roundups, etc., so I don't mean to add another one to the endless list, but I just can't help showing you my wishlist and must haves for the new season!

Girlish A/W 2011 look

TopShop cut out prom dress, $120
Stella McCartney sheer polka dot blouse, $1,195
Boyfriend blazer, $130
Miu Miu layered skirt, $425
Faux Fur Shaggy Longline Gilet, $140
Lanvin shoes, €945
Miu Miu high heel boots, $890
Chloé cross body shoulder bag, $1,395

A/W 2011 boyish look

Stella McCartney black coat, £1,295
Dolce Gabbana printed blazer, $1,655
Faux leather bomber jacket, $116
MICHAEL Michael Kors elastic waist pants, £240
Dolce & Gabbana pants, $475
Wingtip shoes, $60
Christian Louboutin red sole shoes, £635

A/W 2011 Night & Day
Oscar de la Renta metallic cocktail dress, $2,490
Zara dress, $60
Acne silk top, $300
TopShop crop top, $40
Miu Miu floral skirt, $739
Marc Jacobs knee length pencil skirt, $875
Nicholas Kirkwood high heel pumps, $639
Alexander Wang leather pumps, $650
Stella McCartney round toe pumps, $795
Nicholas Kirkwood leather high heels, $995
Miu miu handbag, $920
3 1 Phillip Lim leather tote handbag, $895
Marni leather clutch, $1,540
Yves Saint Laurent gold plated necklace, $1,595
Dolce & Gabbana star earrings, £220
Gucci hat, £305

September 2, 2011

Sometimes they come back...

Sometimes you just need a change of air, sometimes you just feel like knocking off and spending some time on your own, trying to think things through and find out who you really are and what you really want to do with your life.
I've been going through a sort of crisis lately, I've wasted a lot of time in despair, thinking I was good at nothing, sometimes also feeling too weak, too shy, too lazy to do anything.
What's more, you know, being 15 years old doesn't help have a clear mind about your future and, to say the truth, not even about your present. And that scared me more than expected, so much that I was incredibly confused and couldn't decide in which direction to move my life.
But there comes a point when you're tired of letting your life slipping away from you and you wake up a morning with a recovered will to make projects, write, read, create, dream, work and... live! And suddenly you open a fashion magazine and understand that all you want to do is be a part of that world, even just a tiny one.
This is, shortly reported, why I'm here after more than a year of absence and I must admit I missed a lot my blog and you, peeps, who were always there to bring a little of the sparkling fashion world into your lives.
Which is exactly what I need right now. A huge plunge into fashion shows, collections, magazines, fabulous dresses, gorgeous shoes, new trends and old revivals and, of course, a lot of fall shopping!
So, here it's a lesson for all of us: it doesn't matter what our problem is, fashion will always provide a solution!

Ah... did I mention that I ran into Stefano Gabbana and Anna Dello Russo while they where spending their holidays near my town? Yes, it doesn't happen very often, but fortune apparently smiled on me!