July 5, 2010

Alexander McQueen resort 2011 by Sarah Burton

There's a resort collection I didn't write about yet, but it's actually really deserving. It is the first women's collection that Sarah Burton, as creative director, made for Alexander McQueen: a pure dream ensemble of pleats and lengths. As she said, the collection was inspired by Hans Bellmer's dolls and samurai warriors and she wanted to "juxtapose the pale and the delicate with the bold and armorial. It's about a highly structured torso that gives way to a more fluid silhouette or drop waists that lead to a finned trouser or skirt."
I'm really amazed about it, it markedly recalls Alexander McQueen's works, but in a fresh new (and lovely) way.


So, what do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I love it the nude pumps are gorgeous! Love that black outfit and the first jacket. The last dress is amazing. I love the colors and just all of it :)