July 12, 2010

Balenciaga fall 2010 shoes

It's insanely awesome how a complexity of shapes and materials propers to architecture can be translated into a shoe with this surprising result. I really heart these shoes! And they're all so breathtaking that I can't tell which one is my favorite.

Nicolas Ghesquière said “Cosmonauts and seventies Formica. Packaging and food boxes. Synthetic foam and plywood. And a kind of rigidity” were his inspirations to make these shoes.
What else can I say? They are themselves an inspiration.

Here's Freja Beha wearing a pair of Baleciagas fall 2010 for the August issue of Vogue UK.


  1. I love balenciaga! I did a post on these shoes a while back :)

  2. They're so gorgeous!! I wonder what it's like wearing them :-) xoxoxoxo