May 16, 2010

I love Bryanboy!

I just twittered that Sundays are the only days full of downtimes and I love them just because of that.
So, to keep me away from boredom, I thought of going on Polyvore to create some cool outfits. Then I got an idea and I realized that I had to do something about Bryanboy. I really really really love that guy!
I just got inspired by him and this is the result:

The ankle boots are from Prada (they're enchanting!) and I obsviously put in this set the BB bag by Marc Jacobs (the bag that Marc designed for the Filipino blogger) and the Bryanboy's symbol: the Marc Jacobs limited edition sunglasses.
What do you think?
Don't forget to visit my Polyvore profile to see more sets made by me.
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What's more, I joined Lookville, a fashion community where memberships are by invitation only. I've got five invitations to invite someone else, so contact me if you want to become a member.
That's all, bye bye mes chieris!


  1. I think BryanBoy has great excentric style.. those ankle boots are to die for!

    p.s. i also love polyvore.. its like shopping but guiltless :)