June 17, 2010

Anna Dello Russo makes 10 t-shirts for Yoox 10th anniversary

Everybody knows her: she is the Editor at Large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan and, above all, a real fashion icon.
On the occasion of the Yoox 10th anniversary, Anna Dello Russo decided to create a series of 10 t-shirts with her name and some photos of her greatest outfits on. The idea was born thanks to a fan of her.
Here's the video where Anna explains the entire story:

And these are the ten prints for the t-shirts:

I personally prefer the last one (Denni from chicmuse wearing it in the pic):

Those t-shirts are surely gonna be the new must have! In fact, wearing items with the fashion goddess (which is definitely one of my role models) on is priceless. Or, I should say, it's just €20!
You can get the t-shirts here.

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