June 21, 2010

ManiaMania lookbook

Thanks to stylebubble (amazing fashion blog, one of my favs), I just discovered a jewelry label called ManiaMania. Behind this Australian label there is a visionary duo made up of the stylist Tamila Purvis and the art director Melanie Kamsler.
I love their pieces, they're all fruits of a natural-born creativity inspired by 60s and 70s as well as ancient Egypt. First I thought: "What on earth could have in common Cleopatra and David Bowie?". Then, when I saw those jewels, I realized that just amazing jewelry designers like those ones could put them together to create something I've never seen before. I'm totally in love with the experimental tones of the first collection of the brand. And it seems like I'm not at all the only one who loves it. In fact, the brand can number also Garance Dorè (beside Susie from stylebubble and many other bloggers) among its fans.
But, looking at the new ManiaMania lookbook, I was even more amazed. About the new collection (that's just the second one), which is called Dust, the duo said: "Our new range was inspired by David Bowie's alleged interest in Egyptology and Occultism" and "We wanted the range to look like it belonged to Egyptian royalty, excavated from a tomb, earthy but also quite luxurious...". And they surely succeeded in doing that in the best way.
So, let me show you those precious and lovely pieces captured in amazing pictures for the new lookbook.


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