June 13, 2010

Sachin + Babi resort 2011

I know, it seems like I just write about resort collections lately, but I swear that everytime I post, I promise myself I'll give more attention to something else. But then, here we go again!
I just found out another great resort collection and I absolutely have to show it to you. I'm talking about Sachin + Babi for Ankasa's resort 2011 collection.

I pretty like the two tie-dyed dress, I mean they're not that outstanding, but I'd like to wear it for a walk in a hot day, since they're fresh and comfortable. But my favourite items of this collection are definitely the blue and white skirt with the jutting sides (photo 4) and the trousers with the same pattern.
There's just one thing that I kinda detest: the models poses! Don't you think they're very forced and unnatural?

Photos: Fashionista

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