June 10, 2010

Finsk shoes by Julia Lundsten

I saw them for the first time on, where the fashion blogger Andy (she's one of my favourite bloggers) posted some photos of her wearing a pair of Finsk wedges. And I immediately fell in love with them!

They've been designed by the Finnish designer Julia Lundsten, who launched her label Finsk in 2004, after graduating from London's Royal College of Arts.
The wedges are a bit too exspensive, they costs €529.00 (you can buy them here), but, as Bryanboy as well said, the price is completely worth it. And I totally agree with him, those wedges are to die for!
They comprise a wooden wedge sole, a rounded toe and a zip on the back.
There are two version of the shoes: one comes in grey, blue and white suede, the other in black pony skin.

Wich one do you prefer? I guess I'd opt for the first one, but I love both of them.

(Andy from wearing a pair of the suede Finsk wedges)

So, what do you think? Are you crazy of those shoes just like me?


  1. I think they're beautiful! I want them, but I can't afford them!

  2. i cant choose one of them. i really like them all.

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  3. yes, I'm in love with them too :)
    great blog.
    I'm following you.

  4. Joninel, i visited your blog and it's really nice, I'll follow you.
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  5. OMGOSH i'd have a love affair with these! i've been drooling over these shoes for months personally I like both styles! =)

  6. I'm absolutely crazy about these wedges and can't believe I'm two (3?) years behind on these! I need them in my life! This photo was so amazing that I had to add it to my Socialbliss ‘Wedges’ Collection. I think you would love the collection as I feature other great wedges! You should check it out here: