June 21, 2010

Marc Jacobs + Marc by Marc Jacobs resort 2011

Yes, another - or rather, two others- resort collection (I hope I'm not boring you)! This is the time of Marc Jacobs, which has been my first love, I even think his clothing lines made me fall in love with fashion world.
However, I decided to make a single post for both of Marc's labels, Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs, even if they couldn't be more different from each other.
These are my favourite looks from Marc Jacobs resort 2011 (you can see the entire collection here):

I pretty like the 60s inspiration and polka dots almost everywhere, which give to the collection a positive and carefree feel.

And then, here's the outfits I've chosen from Marc by Marc Jacobs resort 2011 collection (click here to see the whole collection):

On the whole, I hold that this collection has just a few of great pieces, the rest is quite insignificant. I mean, too little originality.
What do you think?

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