June 18, 2010

Givenchy resort 2011

The more I look at resort collections, the more I get involved with them. They were supposed to be quite unimportant, or rather, not so considerable. But I think they're turning fast to more significant positions.
Today I wanna show you the Gyvenchy resort 2011 collection, which is distinguished from the others I've seen until now.
Giving a first look, the more evident thing is the colours palette: it goes straight from red to black and white. There's just an exception, leopard print, which gives a strange feeling to your eyes after all that - however fantastic - monotony in the colours. Tisci said he took inspiration for that from Frida Kahlo and her animal-filled paintings.
Every single piece is religiously prim, seems like it isn't made for those "girls who just wanna have fun". For this collection Riccardo Tisci has definitely harked back to his previous collections, since we can notice a certain familiarity, as he himself said: "Resort, for me, is about making sure the shop floors are stocked with the pieces that our girl has gotten attached to."
Among the whole collection, I would wear almost any item, but I've been especially caught by the long white and red dress in the second pic: I love its retro disposition, kinda deceived by transparencies.
Another goody? The necklaces.
This is of course one of the best resort 2011 collections. Enjoy it.


  1. my fav collection <3

  2. this collection is absolutely beautiful! i'm obsessed. great post :)

  3. Love this collection!
    I follow you :)